More than an Engagement, an Ethic

Because feeding people is noble work, it is important to do so in a manner that respects the earth, the environment, and air and water quality. Because we take care of the animals we raise in such a way, we are committed to provide you with certified organic meat, produced within the strict guidelines and following the specific requirements of the organisation Québec Vrai. Our fundamental commitment resides in our respect of our animals, which we raise without any chemicals or synthetic products, and which are of course GMO-free. We preserve the natural balance of the soil by fertilizing the crops that feed the animals with the manure produced on our very own farm.


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how I live

What's more wonderful to see the pigs play, run and dig in the meadows and wrap in straw.Well, in meat Rhine, so we want to give the best care and rearing conditions of pigs to be happy. 

All pigs were born at the farm on the site with the aid of 35 breeding sows with the greatest care they are made. 

Thus each pregnant sow is high in groups under a heavy cover of straw, while having access to pasture during the summer. After giving birth to piglets eager for good milk, the sow can move on itself while protecting piglets by providing a warm corner. 

Our pigs are reared with the utmost respect for their well-being. They have access to large pasture where it can feed on young clover and other grasses. In addition, it gives them the opportunity to exercise their innate behavior is to forage. They have the freedom to run, play and roll around as they see fit and that, throughout the summer. Also, cold weather pigs have a large open space covered with straw abundant where they can find a small hole for a snooze with his colleagues. 

Moreover, the main barn has a natural ventilation and natural light, allowing the animal to keep pace with the day.

How do I treat myself

All the pigs that we produce do not receive antibiotics and growth hormones. We work primarily as a preventive measure is the only products we use are natural products such as apple cider vinegar with garlic, seaweed and diatomaceous earth as an anthelmintic. In case of illness, to care with homeopathic medicines. 

In addition, for better welfare and better immunity, piglets are weaned from their mothers after 35 days (twice the conventional governance). No mutilation of teeth and tails is practiced.

What I eat

All our pigs are fed only certified organic food products land on the company and cultivated with the utmost concern for quality. So every day we serve them a meal of the day freshly ground composed of a mixture of oats, wheat, peas, corn and soybeans, while having the summer pasture and hay will dry in winter. Thus, the forage can increase the omega-3 meat and changes considerably the taste of meat. This gives our meat a special flavor of the past!